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use on wet hair. suds up, rinse off. fantastic.

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Key ingredients:

biotin, rosemary, jojoba

Our story:

We were searching for a hair loss shampoo that was vegan 🐰, sulfate-free, and totally good for your hair (good smells are nice, too). From the few we found, the science didn't really hold up 🔬

We have sampled hundreds of shampoos. Some smelled like cement, and others were minty fresh but left our hair brittle and dry. We wanted a shampoo that stops hair loss, keeps hair thick and moist, and nourishes at the root.

We created the dream shampoo. The one we've been searching for all along. Smells like your next vacation 🏝, works wonders to stop hair loss, and promote healthy hair growth.

Your experience:

clean, fresh, ready. 

Good on you, good for the planet.

Restore is vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals 🐰


coconut-lime verbena


Organic Lavender Water, Organic Rosemary Water, Organic Horsetail Plant Extract, Organic Nettle Leaf Extract, Organic Sage Extract, Organic Korean Ginseng Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Camellia Leaf Extract, Jojoba Oil, Seaweed Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Hemp Seed Oil, ProVitamin B5 (Panthenol), Rice Protein, Inositol, Cystine, Cysteine, Methionine, Biotin, Vitamin D

Customer Reviews

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Johannes U
Overall a solid shampoo

The first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the scent, it really does smell like “vacation” as they described. I really like that. The shampoo itself is sudsy ( you would not be able to tell that there is no SLS in there) and leaves my hair fresh and delicious. The Maine winter has nothing on this!

Analise R
Really high quality - and it is vegann

This is THE best shampoo I have found for my hair. I have thin hair and tried everything from hardcore and expensive shampoos to natural home remedies to get my hair to grow and nothing worked long term. Having used Restore for some time I can visibly see my hair getting thicker after only a few uses, it's amazzing.

Joseph Karoy
16 oz bottle while most are 8 or 12

Restore is treating me well, m my hair loves it. It smells delicious, which is also a plus. Btw, most other hair loss shampoos are tiny 8 or 12 oz bottles, love that Sayar made a 16 oz. It lasts me more than a month :)

Marcus Stoiber
Better than most similar items

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. It is thinning and when I go out its gets all curly and wonky. I needed a shampoo that would keep my hair thick and tame. This is doing that for me. I can’t complain about that

Shontelle J
Vegan and organic

See, I never had a hair thinning problem, but I was looking for vegan and organic shampoo that smells good. I can say that I have tried lots (close to 25 shampoos), but I am am pretty sure I will stick with this one for a while.