What You Need to Know About Hair Loss

Hair loss will affect more than two-thirds of men—male pattern baldness is way more common than you think!

Hair loss is actually caused by the way your body changes over time. As we get older, testosterone gets changed into dihydrotestosterone, which shrinks hair follicles and makes hair get thin over time.

Possibly the most well known drug for hair loss, minoxidil, does not actually stop hair loss. Minoxidil only stimulates hair growth. Because of this, over time, minoxidil stops being effective. Since minoxidil was not created to stop or treat hair loss, it is not the best option to prevent and fix hair loss.

The causes of hair loss are well known—so the best way to treat hair loss is already out there. By blocking DHT and stimulating hair growth, the ideal hair loss treatment is already on the market.

Retain blocks DHT and stimulates hair growth. Its ingredients are studied to work better than minoxidil and more safely than finasteride. It’s also crazy affordable—$1 a day!

If you’re a guy, the best time to start treating hair loss is as soon as you notice any changes in your hair density or thickness. Early prevention is absolutely key.