What We Are

was founded by 3 guys dealing with men's health,

hair loss in particular. 

We were looking for ways to stop our hair loss, and coudn't find anything that actually stopped hair loss and stimulated regrowth. All the usual options had crappy side effects that scared the hell out of us. 

We decided to create a proprietary hair loss prevention formula using clinical data.

We call it Retain. 

Retain is so good at stopping hair loss, we made it available for anyone dealing with androgenetic alopecia, aka hair loss aka male (and female pattern baldness).

We don't use temporary solutions, found by randomly combining molecules.

We don't miss. We hit.

We believe that chronic conditions can be treated using proven natural products, resulting in more comprehensive results and less side effects.

We believe in customer satisfaction; and that the real results of our products matter above all else.

We believe in science working together with the natural world.

We believe in coffee as a tool, and in craft beer as another.

We believe in you; and, we simply believe.

For more information, or to request a press package, fill out the form below. Or, email us at info@sayarcare.com.