Oil: Not for eating, but great for your hair :)

Hair is beautiful. It's also frustrating as hell, considering how much time you've got to put in for maintenance. This is all considering you aren't experiencing hair loss — it can get even crazier there. 


Hair care can be really simple. It's just that we've gotten used to using products that make your hair look great right now, but are sure to ruin it for the future. Think about shampoo. Ever wonder how the suds build up? Most shampoos use an ingredient called SLS. It's a detergent! While it makes you feel like you're getting cleaner (because of all those suds), it can be rather damaging for your hair. It's way better to find a shampoo that drops detergents in favor of actually protecting your hair. 

There are gels, pomades, and waxes — they make things look amazing, but they cause split ends, remove your hair's natural protection, and cause hair damage that's only fixed by growing it out. 

Some of the best stuff for your hair are natural essential oils and extracts. They're not too expensive, and can help heal your hair and scalp. Their effects also last a long time: the anti-aging keeps you looking young! 

Grapeseed extract is becoming a bit more well known. It naturally has vitamin E, which promotes hair growth.

Argan oil is rather famous. It'll repair split ends, treat frizz, and help keep your hair soft and silky. 

If you're looking for something to stop hair loss, there's this little product we call Retain. It's all natural, and proven to reverse hair loss as well as the more commonly known pharmaceuticals. Did we mention? You can get your first month free! Check it out. We'll help you keep your hair here, drug free.