How We Stop Your Hair Loss


1. Block DHT, locally.

2. Reduce hair follicle inflammation.

3. Stimulate hair growth. 


That's the number of ingredients in Retain™. Here's how you'll use it:

1. Gently shake your bottle.

2. Apply 3/4 of a dropper once a day to the top and affected areas of your scalp.

3. Massage it in!

Allow Retain™ to hang out for 30 minutes (or more). It'll allow your scalp to fully absorb the essential oils. Meanwhile, dance to your fave album, watch your fave TV show. When you're done, wash your head! (body optional, shampoo recommended)

Check out our favorite jams on Spotify - we wanna dance with you!

For best results, use Retain™ once a day consistently for 3 months. Continue use thereafter.