Here Are the Important Points Behind Retain, the Latest and Safest Hair Loss Prevention Product

What is Retain?

Retain is a new formula that treats hair loss. It is built from ingredients independently studied to prevent the causes of hair loss, and to fix basic hair health. This includes stimulating hair growth and increasing hair follicle depth and density.

How Does it Work?

Retain is a topical solution, so it’s the safest way to block DHT.

Each ingredient is independently studied, and published by the National Institutes of Health. The NIH is a division of the United States Health Department, and one of the world’s best medical research centers.

Should I Try It?

The research done on Retain’s ingredients is pretty rigorous, and proves the level of effectiveness Retain will have on hair loss. At least four of the ingredients are unambiguously proven to increase hair density, block DHT, cause hair growth, and increase hair follicle depth and thickness.

If you're looking for a safe way to treat your hair loss, Retain by Sayar is the best all inclusive option.