You, again.

Becoming you: to be all you can be.

It's time to take care of all the little things that make you beautiful.

Thanks to science,
baldness can be optional.

You do you, and do what you do.

Your head could be hairy. And it all starts here.

Hair's to your future.

Scientifically tested, clinically proven ingredients.

Good on you, good on the environment.

That's Sayar.


Have hair as perfect as your life can be.

Because hands need hair.

To touch and keep on touching, keep your hair where it belongs.


Smooth skin, no wrinkles:

time for boys to be boys.

Better Things, a Better Way.

Your new fix starts with better ingredients, continues with better science, and finishes with better products + better care. We think we deserve better science, and we think our planet deserves better.

Less waste, less pollution. More thoughtfulness and accountability.

Doesn't that sound better?