Take it All Off—How to Shave Bald

Shaving your head is cool too—tbh take a look at Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Taye Diggs, Corey Stoll, Bruce Willis... You get it, bald is hot too. Here's how to turn a bald head into a bold look.

Getting Started:

Shaving your face (and other places) is pretty easy. Shaving your scalp, however, is different. Take some tips—we'll make shaving your head easy.

There are a couple of options when going for close cropped. Here are some of our choices, go ahead and come up with some of your own. 

Pro 💡: Grab a 🖼️ and save it for your Instagram before/after post. Now, let's get to it! 

1️⃣ TRIM

Pick up your clippers and trim your hair down short. Start at your lucky (single digit) number and gradually go shorter. You might find your perfect length along the way.

2️⃣ wash wash WASH

Give your head a rinse. No need for a full shower just yet, because heat can open your pores and cause ingrown hairs and blackheads. Take it from us, that ain't fun!

3️⃣ prep (physically and mentally 🧠)

lather on your fav shaving gel, cream, soap, or whatever. It's time to prep for THE SHAVE 

4️⃣ going a bit over the top

Grab your razor. Shave in the direction your hair grows. Nice and slow, and rinse the blade often to keep it sharp and clean, it will help avoid nicks and cuts. Use your other hand to pull your skin taut—this will help you get a clean shave.

5️⃣ tidy up

Grab a shower, or rinse your head. It's clean up time.

6️⃣ moisturize or aftershave 

Massage in aftershave or moisturizer. To avoid stinging and irritation, make sure it is alcohol free.

Congrats, you're done! 🎊🎉🎊

Tools of Trade:

Before you start, make sure you've got the gear. Here are the ones we've tried and can recommend. Oh yeah, no secret here, these are affiliate links. 


Electric clippers are the quickest and easiest way to clip your hair short. They're affordable and durable. Here are our favs. 


Wahl Color Pro is the best at home version of the professional piece. It's got all your lucky numbers so you can choose your preferred buzz cut level. It's plug in, powerful, and easy to use.

Remington's Shortcut kit is wide, fits in your hand, and makes buzzing your head simple. Although cute, its got quite the attitude. It also comes with a bunch of buzz length options, giving you the luxury of choice. 


The Classics:

Ain't nothing wrong with going back to basics. Keep it classy, like your mom taught you. Here's some classy classics.

Gillette's been making razors forever, and this multi blade is great for shaving your scalp. With FlexBall tech, ProGlide responds to contours and gets virtually every hair. It's smooth and sharp, the way you hate your enemies, but love your razors.

It's an ATV for your head- just cruise. Honestly, it is amazing. Headblade contours to your head, shaves close, and is a breeze to use. 


Just Like Old Times:

Sometimes you gotta throw it back and go with a single blade. We're here to help.

Safety razors are old school, environmentally friendly, and quite fun to use. Vikings Blade builds their handles from wonderful materials. Shaving your head with The Chieftain just feels right. 

WEISHI takes old school and adds a modern vibe to the handle. The Long Handle Butterfly is a safety razor you keep out on your bathroom sink, just for looks.

The Man Man


Unstoppable. Large. Is it recommended? 

Absolutely not.

Will you listen? Who knows...

Double grip handle, cord retention... for the most special.