How Retain Works

Retain approaches hair loss from a biological perspective, using active botanicals. Hair loss is caused by: 

1. DHT on your scalp. DHT is a hormone that is good for sex and stuff, but not when it starts touching your hair.

2. When that DHT thing touches your hair, it causes your hair follicles to swell. That's not so good, cuz this makes your hair fall out.

Tiny Bit of Science:

Hair follicles affected by male pattern baldness/androgenic alopecia do not die. When DHT comes into the picture, your hair follicles are only swelling up and stopping hair growth. 

Our Solution:

Retain treats hair loss by treating these underlying causes. Active botanicals block DHT from your reaching your hair (follicles only—no scary side effects), reverse inflammation, & then proceed to stimulate hair growth.

Our 7 ingredients are clinically tested to block DHT, reverse inflammation, and stimulate hair growth. Long term use will reverse nearly all stages of hair loss.

For a full-on nerdy explanation of the formula piece-by-piece, click here.

How to use:

Half hour, then shower. Apply to top of scalp.

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