Hair Loss: How It Works

How Hair Loss Starts

Our bodies gradually begin to produce DHT. DHT causes hair follicles to become inflamed and shrink. This causes hair to get thinner, eventually resulting in complete hair loss.

How to Treat Hair Loss

First, DHT must be blocked. Preferably, DHT should be blocked locally: only from your scalp. Blocking DHT locally ensures a side effect free experience.

Next, hair follicle inflammation must be reduced. Reducing inflammation allows hair follicles to exit dormancy, regrowing new hair.

Finally, hair growth should be stimulated. This helps regrow your hair, faster. 

Addressing Your Health: Hair Loss

Retain stops your hair loss and stimulates regrowth. It uses clinically tested, active botanicals. 

Retain begins by blocking DHT. This stops the progress of hair loss, and allows follicles to begin returning to their original diameter. 

Next, Retain reduces inflammation. Your once dormant follicles can now return to the natural hair growth cycle.

Finally, Retain stimulates regrowth. This ensures a fast, side effect free experience. 

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