The Side Effects of Finasteride



FDA approved products have to show the rate of side effects. There's a specific technique used to lower the rate a drug developer will have to report.

How Pharmaceutical Side Effect Percentages are Reported

Typically, tests will take place on 3+ groups of testers. The first group is a basic selection, the second takes the people who experienced the least time and amount of side effects, and the third does this again to build test users from the second group. Using this method, the side effects reported by the company creating a new pharmaceutical can be reported at the lowest they can get it. 

Here's how to clearly see how likely you are to see the side effects a drug like finasteride warns about: find studies done by third party investigators not sponsored by the drug creator. For finasteride, we'll do it for you.

The Side Effects of Finatsteride, and Why

After finasteride was released to the general public, many users reported frightening side effects. Among them were sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, loss of penile sensation, penis and scrotum shrinkage, suicidal thoughts and ideation, and memory loss. 

Finasteride works by blocking a hormone. To properly prevent hair loss, it is important to block this hormone. The problem is that this hormone is needed in other places in the body. These side effects happen when using a medication (like finasteride) that blocks this hormone from everywhere in your body. If you want to stop and reverse your hair loss, make sure your DHT blocker does not act throughout your body, aka systemically. Your DHT blocker must only block DHT on your scalp, because this DHT is not needed and blocking DHT here will not cause side effects. 

The Real Rate of Finasteride Users Experiencing Side Effects

After finasteride was released, many users reported a number of common side effects. Because of the user reported rate, quite a few third party studies were conducted on finasteride. 

In a study done in 2012, researchers studied how permanent the sexual side effects of finasteride were. They found that 89% of users experienced levels of sexual dysfunction, and that these side effects continued in 96% of users even after stopping to take finasteride. 

In another study on the sexual side effects of finasteride published in 2014, researchers found that all participants experienced sexual dysfunction, and many were required to resort to erectile dysfunction medications in order to obtain previous sexual function. It's no wonder that the same companies distributing generic finasteride and minoxidil are now distributing ED drugs—after damaging sexual function, they'll charge you for another treatment for a condition they caused 😳

 The 2 above studies clearly show the risk present to all users considering finasteride; here's one more study showing that the side effects of finasteride are much more than just sexual. Researchers found that finasteride user showed permanently altered levels of neuroactive steroids in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma. Here's what this means, simply: the side effects caused by finasteride effect hormones at their source, and remain permanent. 

What are these side effects, exactly? Here's the short list, along with the percent of users that experienced them:

Reduction in self-confidence and decreased initiative and difficulty in concentration (71%), forgetfulness or loss of short-term memory (43%), irritability or easily flying into a rage (57%), depression and feelings of worthlessness (86%), suicidal thoughts (14%), anxiety (57%), panic attacks (14%), and sleep problems (86%). Loss of libido and sexual desire (86%), difficulty in achieving an erection (71%) and genital numbness or paresthesia (57%) were also reported. All these patients reported at the moment of clinical and laboratory assessment muscular stiffness and cramps (43%), tremors (57%), chronic fatigue (86%) as well as joint pain and muscular ache (86%).

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