Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Shave Your Head

Shaving your head is the ultimate take control move. You know the classic scene when it happens—a guy goes through a difficult break up, stares at himself in the mirror and impulsively shaves the whole thing off. Hair clippers, a mirror, and angst: done! You've taken control of your life. 

The feeling that comes after shaving your head is unreal. It's oddly similar to getting a tattoo, or an earring. Even though hair grows back (usually), it feels so permanent because of how long it can take to grow all that hair back. Buzzing your head is a declaration, a pronouncement of retaking control. 

At Sayar Care, we recommend that which makes you look at yourself like you feel good. Do what you will for your body and for yourself. Do it for you, for no one but you. 

Like the combover? Comb it harder. Like it shaved? Buzz that thang, send some photos our way. Want to keep the mane? Come see us, we can help.