How to Stop Hair Loss: the Causes, Treatments, and Side Effects

Hair loss: terrifying, sleep stopping, panic inducing. All this, mostly because no one is SPEAKING about

  1. what causes hair loss and
  2. how to stop the damn thing. 

Hair loss is simple. In fact, hair loss is so simple that all you should need is one simple solution to stop your hair loss in its tracks. Spoiler? The single solution exists; let's not digress. On to explaining hair loss!  

Step 1. Your body makes too much DHT. This is an androgen, and it causes inflammation.

Step 2. Your hair follicles become inflamed, and shrink. Suddenly, there's no more room for hair to grow. Ever seen a shiny bald head? Shininess=inflammation. 

Think about it. All you need to do is block DHT and calm the inflammation. You'll fix your male pattern baldness, and bring your hair back to its glory days. 

Here's what they tell you.

Block DHT with a pill, regrow hair with foam, take gummy bear vitamins. 

Here are the problems.

When you block DHT with a pill, you risk side effects. Side effects like erectile dysfunction (ED), suicidal ideation, and depression. When you try to regrow hair with foam, it won't work after a while. And those cute gummy bear vitamins? There's no science showing that taking biotin affects hair loss. We're sure they're delicious, so if you're hungry don't stop.