How to Stop Hair From Falling Out

Facts first. Your hair will fall out; it's part of having hair on your head. Hair goes through shedding cycles, so usually, there's nothing to worry about. 

If the amount of hair falling out starts accelerating, gets super drastic, or exceeds 120 hairs a day; hair loss becomes something you'll want to treat. When that starts happening, you'll know. From the hair on your pillowcase in the morning, to the hair you'll find washing your hair in the shower, it lets itself be known.

Some hair loss results from overarching conditions such as alopecia; more commonly, hair loss results from male pattern baldness aka 'androgenetic alopecia'. The key to stopping hair from falling is stopping the source of hair loss. Simply put, there are 3 small steps: understand what causes the hair to fall out, stopping that from happening, and repairing the effects it's had up until now.

When it comes to androgenetic alopecia, applying this breakdown works as follows: DHT causes hair to fall out. Block DHT on your scalp, and bring down the inflammation it caused up until now. It's highly important to block DHT along with stimulating hair growth. By doing both, you're making sure to stop the hair loss and regrow your hair.

Retain by Sayar Care is one solution which does all this. Once a day application keeps it simple. In no time, you'll stop your hair loss. 


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