How DHT Causes Hair Loss

DHT. You've surely heard that word quite a few times if you hang out in this neck of the woods. Let's get to know DHT. Its full name is Dihydrotestosterone, and it is a hormone created from testosterone. Guys have more testosterone because that's the hormone that helps guy parts *ahem* develop. The more you know!

When elevated testosterone results in too much DHT, the DHT attacks hair follicles, resulting in inflammation. The inflammation makes hair follicles shrink. As hair follicles get smaller, hair gets thinner; until eventually, the shrunken hair follicle cannot support hair growth.

After total hair loss is complete, the inflammation is easy to see. Ever seen a shiny bald head? The shininess is because of inflammation. When skin is stretched due to inflammation, it can take on a glaringly bright appearance. 

Solving hair loss is simple: block DHT locally (on your scalp), and reduce the inflammation. When dormant follicles are wide enough and healthy, hair begins to grow again. It's that easy!

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