Here's Why a Finasteride Prescription Ruined Your Sex Life

Hair loss, sometimes our enemy.  But why does it happen to young men?

The main cause of hair loss is inflammation. This inflammation is caused by one hormone: Dihydrotestosterone. It's a mouthful, but you can just call it DHT for short. 

When the pharma companies latched on to this cause, they realized they already had a drug that blocked DHT, Finasteride.  Originally invented to treat benign prostate enlargement, Finasteride blocked DHT systemically. By blocking DHT systemically, it also has side effects ranging from rather awful to truly terrifying. The most common ones are erectile dysfunction, depression, and suicidal ideation. 

When you take finasteride for hair loss, you're essentially taking the nuclear option. It blocks DHT all over your body, and will stop your hair loss. Finasteride can't fully reverse your hair loss, as it doesn't treat the inflammation, and it might cause rather frightening side effects.

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