Freedom to Choose

Do not take your ability to discern for granted. 

There are those without freedom, and there are those with freedom to make much greater choices than yours. The closer you get to making true decisions, the more decisions you become able to make. You grow more able to be intimately involved in your life by being intimately close to that which is yourself. 

One who has found his Self has become more discerning. When you are close to yourself you will be able to choose only that which you truly believes in, only that which you comes from truth.

The half way possibilities will disgust you; the possibilities that prey on your fear, on your not knowing yourself. You will be unable to handle ideas and concepts that only address part of what they profess to solve.

If you're rooted in this, you are infinitely searching for what is best for you. You become infinitely possessed by knowing that that which is easy is that which is hard, and that which is hard is that which is easy. It is hard as it will steal your life from before your eyes, and it is easy because it will give you life.

See you soon,