Early Balding: the Good and the Bad

Balding, hair loss, male pattern baldness: these words strike fear in the minds of those who hear them. Losing your hair is confusing. On one hand you're told "Bald is beautiful!" and at the same time, studies show that hair loss increases anxiety and depression.  All the fear is hella overhype tho: you're a human, and humans look good. If you want to change something about your appearance, do it out of PRIDE and not out of shame. 

Hair loss can indicate good things and bad things. We gathered them to help you better understand the great debate. 

The Good

From a medical health perspective: hair loss can indicate you have higher levels of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone can help build muscle, and help with overall strength. Earlier balding also means you're much less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life. 

From the psychological aspect, bald men are perceived as stronger, more dominant, and taller. Bald men are also perceived as more intelligent and more honest.

When it comes to hair care, bald men save nearly $60 a month on hair products.

The Bad

Men with early onset baldness are more likely to suffer from heart disease. Additionally, men who deal with balding can have lower self esteem and can suffer from depression and social anxiety regarding their hair loss.

Here's our take: you're a human, and humans are quite good looking. Don't focus on how much hair you have or the size of your um pecs. Stay healthy, stay fit, and show your best self to those around you.