Bald Shaming Sucks.

Male body shaming—super real. And it super sucks. 

It's a strange double standard to say "bald is beautiful" while in the same breath shaming men for thinning hair or bald spots. Shouldn't beauty be a full choice? You're beautiful, period. You choose to disguise hair loss with fibers? BEAUTIFUL. Shave your head? BEAUTIFUL. Seemingly, men's beauty is treading dangerously close to where the female beauty market hangs out: Hey, you're gorgeous the way you are; also buy this coverup along with a moisturizer. 

It's more empowering, more honest, to clearly state that people have beauty. Give them that feeling. To offer a product that helps a user reach a desired state is wonderfully kind; to pressure people with shame is cruel. Give options. Empower, build, be kind. 

In a childish world, shame is used to pressure people into following someone else's decision. In a world of empowerment and building others, strength, encouragement and strength are used to help others make choices that will make them truly happy, whichever decision they choose.

 Here, we're about your choice. If you're looking to stop and reverse hair loss, we've got something to help. If you're looking to shave your head, we want the photos cuz we'll trumpet your sexy choice! Perhaps soon we'll even score you some razors, special for heads 😉

Don't fall victim to shame. Love what you are, and discover the essence of your mind. Cultivate it, and be proud of what you produce.

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