5 Natural Health Content Outlets You Need to Check Out

With the current cultural climate being so inundated with misinformation and unhealthy products, finding reliable information about natural living can be difficult. There are dedicated people publishing health content every day in blogs and youtube channels and more. How can you know which ones are the real deal? To save you some time, here are five health channels on various platforms that have a focus on natural living.

Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News is a prime source of information on organic dieting, renewable energy, green building, and rural life. Though the website is very informative, Mother Earth News is actually a magazine published on a bi-monthly basis. Its staff is top-of-the-line, and according to the bio page, it has been around since 1970. The experience shows: Mother Earth News is arguably the best green lifestyle publication in circulation.


ASEA’s Roku Channel is a media outlet is dedicated to sharing media focused on health, especially healthy living and genetic communication. They focus on products and lifestyle change that benefit immune system health, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, and cellular health. Thus, Asea’s Roku Channel is a vital outlet for anyone interested in cutting-edge health technology.

Civilized Caveman

Civilized Caveman is the ultimate paleo diet website. It is headed by the United States Marine Corp veteran George Bryant – who co-authored the best-selling "The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking." The site's goal is to keep cooking cheap, nutritious, simple, and delicious. It is worth checking out for anyone interested in natural dieting.

Frugally Sustainable

The name says it all. Frugally Sustainable is a fantastic resource for those interested in a renewable, green, and thrifty lifestyle. According to its info page, 2-3 articles are published weekly, all of which are chocked full of practical information. This is a great website for those who seek to detach from hyper-consumerism and wastefulness.

Food Renegade

Food Renegade recognizes the value in detaching from the typical American onslaught of fast food and empty calories. The primary author, Kristen Michaelis, believes that many of the United States' health problems are caused by the nation's diet. Her website is thus an attempt to mitigate the damage done.

These are all fantastic resources for advice and tips on natural living, but they’re not the only ones out there. So if there ever comes a day when you need fast and easy-to-digest health content, do check out some of these sources.

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