5 Confidence-Boosting Habits Every Man Should Develop

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By the time you reach your 30s (or 50/60's)šŸ˜‰, itā€™s time to get confident. Maybe once it was okay to be a little shy and uncertainā€”now is the time you want to make the transition into being moreĀ mature and capable. For a lot of men entering this phase of their life, it is difficult to know where to begin. Here are five habits you can use to push yourself into a more confident, mature role.

Fake it ā€˜til you make it

Many men start out lacking confidence and must fake confidence before they Ā develop it. Like Ā any skill, you learn to be confident by practicing. The more you fake confidence, the easier it becomes to generate real confidence. Donā€™t be embarrassed; mostĀ dudesĀ go through this phase. It is an important step to developing confidence.

Look yourself in the eye

When getting ready in the morning before the mirror, you need to start every day by looking yourself in the eye and reminding yourself that you matter. Being important in your own eyes helps to exude far more confidence. When you start taking yourself seriously, your behaviors will change and confidence will come.

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Step up to the plate Ā 

In the past, you would often shy away from responsibility. You must get into the habit of stepping up to the plate and assuming responsibility when others will not. The more you make it a habit to step up to the plate, the more confident you will become.

Understand your personal authority

You are sometimes expected to exhibit personal authority. This is something many men do not learn until later in life. It is an important skill to possess. Men who have personal authority stand up and may even exhibit a firmness that can be a little intimidating to others. This is often seen as a sign of professional confidence, where you know how to stand your ground when you must, and know how to get others to back down.

Be a role model

One way to gain massive confidence comes from being a role model for others. Being a role model is central to how you deal with your own kids. The importance of fathers in the lives of their children cannot be overstated. In fact, as a role model, you might teach your children how to gain confidence early on so that they do not have to struggle to gain it like you did.

In other words...

Confidence is an important trait to have to get places in life. Many men do not gain confidence until after their 20s. By this point, they are typically getting more settled into their family and career, and it is at this point that confidence becomes necessary to advance in their ability to manage both situations with competence.

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