4 Health Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub

What do you think of when you think of hot tubs? Hot tubs have a complicated reputation, but there's a reason people keep enjoying them, and here are a few benefits you can reap from taking a dip.

Better Skin

Warm water, and massaging jets—what a stress-free way to wind down. Reducing stress with a hot tub is a great way to improve your skin quality and the heat from the warm water helps to increase the circulation of your blood throughout your body. The heat makes your blood rise closer to the surface which opens your pores and allows your skin to release toxins. It’s a relaxing, cleansing experience.

Pain Relief

If you carry tension in your shoulders, have a bad back, or have an old knee injury, spending some time in the hot tub can be a pharmaceutical-free way of seeking pain relief. The heat from the water can ease muscle tension and stiff joints, making other activities in your life easier. So not only does a hot tub have the potential to make you feel great while you soak, but also make you feel better overall.

Sleep Better

Plenty of people have a little trouble falling asleep or sleeping soundly through the night, but relaxing in a hot tub right before bedtime is an excellent way to prep for bed. As your body cools off from the warm water, you could experience deeper sleep than usual. There are other health benefits, too. Using a hot tub can lower blood pressure and decrease sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Improved Breath

Hot tubs are very good for your breathing. The steam coming from the hot water helps to clear your airways when you breathe it in, especially if you have a head cold or are congested. The steam helps to loosen the mucus and reduce inflammation which can

be a huge relief. Don’t forget to breathe deeply when using your hot tub, sick or not, to enjoy this benefit.

Using hot tubs might seem like a bit of an investment, especially if you buy one, but you can relax knowing a low-stress, healthier lifestyle will soon be yours.

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