4 Common Habits That Might Be Lowering Your Testosterone

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You do all the right things such as working out and eating lean green and clean. Yet, sometimes, positive lifestyle habits that the man-gods of fitness deem worthy and good for our bodies can have unhealthy side effects when practiced in excess. Side effects of low testosterone include hair loss, reduced sex drive, and more. Some of these health effects may even impact your eligibility for sperm donation. Oh, and did we mention delayed erections? We knew that the last one would get your attention. Read on to find out which of your habits may be lowering your testosterone so you can get back to getting busy, we mean, working out, with confidence. 

Eating Too Much Soy

You rock. You choose soy milk instead of cow's milk, you eat low-mercury sushi with a side of edamame, and twice a week you switch out your meat for tofu. But did you know that all these foods contain soy, which contains plant estrogen? Too much estrogen can have a negative impact on men's health. Some of these health effects may even impact your eligibility for sperm donation. Cut back on soy products and replace them with alternatives if you suspect that your diet is behind your low testosterone levels. 

Too Much Cardio

Exercise seems to be recommended for everything these days. What could possibly be bad about it? However, long-distance running might have an effect on your testosterone. If you find yourself in this category, monitor your health with a medical professional. 

Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol basically messes with everything, and testosterone is no exception. Again, this is because alcohol lowers testosterone. Bet you saw that information coming. Exceeding one (actual) serving of alcohol per day puts you at risk for testosterone interactions. Enjoy responsibly.

Too Much Processed Food

Processed food is a conglomerate of undercover testosterone enemies such as oils and refined sugars, which affect testosterone. Removing this guessing game from your diet is a no brainer and will contribute to every aspect of your health.

Be encouraged! All of these triggers are within your control. When it comes to your habits, listen to your body because no one knows your body better than you. We do not recommend self-treating testosterone imbalances and always check with your doctor if you have symptoms that may be a sign of low testosterone such as feeling irritable, depressed, experience delayed orgasm and a low sex drive.

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