4 Aches and Pains No Man Should Ignore

The pains and aches that people experience every day and are used to could be a sign that there is a health emergency. Most people take a headache as a regular pain and heartburn as a sign that one ate more than expected. However, some of these pains could be indicating a significant health issue, and one should never ignore them. Pain and aches are ways of showing that something is wrong somewhere. When these pains and aches become more than usual or seem different, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately.

Chest Pain

Chest pain can occur in both men and women. Undoubtedly, chest pain is not something to ignore because it could indicate a heart attack — even if you think you are too young to experience one. Sometimes the chest pain is brought up by issues in one’s esophagus, ribs, muscles, lungs or nerves. When one experiences a chest pain that does not go away, upper body pain occurring for the first time, as well as shortness of breath, they should call a doctor immediately or call 911.

Severe Head Pain

Constant headaches are no joke. If they are particularly severe, you may be suffering from migraines, which can cause a lot of other problems. In other cases, sharp head pains can also be a sign of a brain aneurysm. When the aneurysm bursts, it can cause irreparable damage within minutes. Thus, severe head pain is not something to ignore. WebMD suggests that you talk to your doctor if you are no stranger to headaches but you’ve noticed some changes in how your headaches typically are. You know your body’s tendencies more than anyone, and whether your headaches are caused by stress or something more serious, there are things you shouldn’t be ignoring.

Teeth and Mouth Pain

Tooth pain or a toothache can be brought up by an irritated nerve in the root of a tooth. Tooth decay, infection, loss of a tooth or injury are some of the causes of teeth and mouth pain. Not all teeth and mouth pain is caused by a problem in the tooth. Some pain can originate from other areas of the mouth and radiates to the jaw making it seem like tooth pain. According to dental experts, “Symptoms of infected teeth may include sensitivity to hot/cold or sweets, pain, swelling, pain with biting or pressure, and a bad taste in the mouth. Sometimes, however, there are no symptoms, and you are unaware of any problem until a checkup.” Brushing using fluoride toothpaste, flossing and professionally cleaning one’s teeth twice a year can help reduce this pain.

Lower Back Pain

The low back provides support to the upper body’s weight and offers suppleness for twisting and bending. Most acute low back pain can result from injury to the ligaments, joints, discs, and muscles. The body will then react to the damage by mobilizing a healing process through inflammation. Inflammation may sound minor, but it can bring about severe pain. To prevent problems, Spine-Health suggests you make sure you are lifting properly, maintaining good posture, and strengthening your core.

Some pains and aches may seem reasonable to people because one experiences them so often. However, pain and aches show there is a problem somewhere that needs attention. In addition to these, some of these pains could be signaling severe condition, and people should never ignore them. For more information on men’s health changes or healthy eating habits, check out our blog!

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