3 Botanical Alternatives to Chemical Medicine

Chemical drugs have been a common choice for treating illness over a long time. However, active botanical treatments are gaining better understanding and clinical evidence.

Chemical Medicines vs. Active Botanical based Medications

Here are few reasons why people are leaning towards active botanical-based medications over chemical drugs.

1. Fewer side effects.

The main downside of chemical drugs is the fact that they tend to come with side effects. While we are often unaware of these, in some cases, these side effects can be life-threatening as well. While botanicals don’t come with zero side effects, they tend to be safer than chemical medications. Also, extensive usage of chemical drugs can lead to a condition where body develops resistance to synthetic drugs. In such cases, these medicines are a great alternative.

2. Active botanicals are economical.

When one compares the amount of money spent on prescription medicine vs. the money spent on botanical based medicines, it is quite evident that active botanicals often cost a fraction of what chemical drugs cost. With healthcare becoming increasingly expensive, people are looking at other alternatives. An average American spends about $200 Billion per year just on prescription medicines. Active botanical treatments cost less as they don’t require an expensive setup to manufacture, unlike chemical drugs.

3. Active botanicals have a history!

Botanical medicines were the only route towards curing someone in the ancient times. In such cases, people tend to rely more on years of wisdom than the modern technological advances and chemical drugs.  

4. They are a great alternative to chemical drugs.

In some cases, active botanical based medicine is an excellent alternative to synthetic drugs. For instance, this study uncovers a few excellent remedies for treating diabetes instead of chemical drugs. Also, using CBD oil over opiates for pain relief is a better alternative. From pain medications to alternatives for diabetes, active botanicals are everywhere.

Balancing the intake of chemical drugs and integrating active botanical base medicine by consuming natural supplements whenever possible is an excellent practice for maintaining great health.


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