The Lost City of Z

There's an ancient legend of a city of gold, lost in the Amazon, swallowed by the surrounding jungle. Many explorers have been lost to the pull of the Lost City of Z. To this day, people head to the Amazon Rainforest in search of the Lost City — in particular, they head out on the trail of one famous explorer: Colonel Percival H. Fawcett.

Percy Fawcett was an adventurer ahead of his time. He understood the lure of the wild, the necessity of having respectful relationships with other communities, and the ways of using nature to keep himself alive. 

He made so many successful trips through deadly jungle paths that he was assumed invincible. Untouchable. He seemed to be immune to malaria, able to withstand yellow fever, and able to survive for days without food and water.

Colonel Fawcett explained his resistance to local illnesses on having learned to use nature instead of commonly used pharmaceuticals. He believed the natural world to hold remedies to every disease. In the Colonel's words:

"It seems as though every disorder has its appropriate nature-cure. Of course, the medical profession does not encourage people to make use of them. Yet the cures they effect are often remarkable, and I speak as one who has tried several with complete success."

There's a natural cure for every problem you'll bump into on your journey. Your wilderness might be the jungle, you're wilderness might be life... but the key? It's to discover new things. As Percy Fawcett learned, discovery is best accomplished with discussion and communication between different groups and different understandings. 

Having access to medication is amazing. Knowing how to use natural remedies when possible is even better. 

See you later,

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