Why You Should Replace Soda with Water

Most people enjoy a soda every now and again. They bring back memories of childhood, offer a tasty treat, and are a perfect pairing for a summer barbeque. The problem is that they can pose a threat to your health. Water is a much better alternative, and there are tons of benefits to replacing sodas with water in your diet.

Cut Sugar

Soda contains a surprising amount of sugar. A lot of sugar. One bottle of soda can easily contain 40-56 grams of sugar, depending on the soda. For context that’s roughly the same as 10-14 sugar cubes. That is an insane amount of sugar, well over the recommended daily intake for an adult. Drinking sugary drinks, or really consuming high amounts of sugar in general, puts you at major risk of developing insulin sensitivity and diabetes. These are chronic conditions which can cause health issues for the rest of your lifetime. Cutting out sugar, particularly by replacing your soda with water, is a great way to keep your sugar intake in check and maintain your health.

Stop Bad Breath

Nobody likes bad breath. It’s not fun to have bad breath. It’s not fun to smell someone else’s bad breath. It’s just not a great situation for anybody. Unfortunately, soda helps create an environment in your mouth that is perfect for growing bacteria that cause bad breath. There is good news though. Drinking water can wash away bacteria that cause bad breath. This means that simply by replacing your soda intake with water, you can go from promoting bad breath to preventing bad breath. If you are suffering from bad breath, it may not be your brushing - it could be your soda intake. Replace your soda with water and see the impact it has on your breath.

Lose Weight

Sugary sodas are notoriously very high in calories. Sodas are often categorized in a group called “empty calories” because they contain almost no vitamins, minerals, or important nutrients. Instead, the calories come from one thing – sugar. Soda doesn’t seem to impact your satiety levels, so you can consume hundreds of calories from soda without it affecting your hunger hormones at all. Water, on the other hand, can increase satiety and has zero calories. You can cut hundreds of calories out of your daily intake just by replacing your soda with water. For some people, that can lead to weight loss. Try cutting out your soda if you are trying to lose weight and see how it affects you.

Soda is not healthy, regardless of whether it’s diet soda or regular soda. This may not be a very controversial statement, but it is a necessary one. If you are drinking tons of soda, try replacing your intake with water. It will take some discipline, but stick with it. You may be surprised by how much better you feel down the road.

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