Why You Should Consider Paying More for Quality Toothpaste

When it comes to your teeth, you only get one chance to practice and take care of them! After those baby teeth are gone, the wear and tear which happens to adult teeth is permanent, and so preventing it is crucial. What sorts of things can you do to prevent it? The same thing you were taught in first grade: brushing well and flossing, of course! But brushing with what? Should you really pay more for a specialty toothpaste?

Reduce Your Cavity Risk

You already know to use a soft bristled toothbrush, and to use a toothpaste recommended by your dentist. To reduce cavities, however, you need a toothpaste with fluoride in it. This is because when tooth decay begins, this mineral can actually help reverse the damage! There are some individuals who prefer to not have fluoride in their water or in toothpastes, but it can be a complex situation, usually caused by them not understanding what happened to teeth prior to fluoride introduction.

Tooth Sensitivity

A great reason to use specialty toothpaste is the need for being able to brush, but also having tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity happens to almost all adults at some point. Whether it’s caused by a cavity, by wear to receding gums, or generally an exposed nerve someplace, it can be really painful to brush! Enamel damage is a common cause of tooth sensitivity. A specialty toothpaste can reduce overall sensitivity, while making it possible to brush and keep your overall tooth health strong.

Other Sensitivities

If you, like many families, have one or more family members with flavor sensitivities as well, having the option of a non-standard toothpaste flavor can change your brushing routine. Believe it or not, sometimes peppermint, cinnamon, and bubblegum (or some combination of the three) just don’t work for all mouths! If someone in your family struggles to brush, find out if it’s a texture or flavor complication. If it’s an issue, look for other options that might be a good choice for your family.

Your teeth, and those of your family are important to your wellbeing! So, if you’re having trouble brushing, for whatever reason, it’s crucial to figure out why, and what can help make it easier. Think outside of the box! Remember, even no toothpaste is better than not brushing, but using a special toothpaste that suits you can be a great solution.

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