Why You Should Commute on Your Bike at Least Once a Week

Commuting to work can be expensive. This depends greatly on how far you commute to work and what mode of transportation you take. There can be so many benefits, cost saving benefits included, to commuting on a bike, even if it is only once a week.

Save on Car Costs

Whether you commute via public transportation or your own personal car, biking instead can save you money. According to Bike Commuter Hero, if you switch to a bike, you can save around $800 per year on public transportation or $1800 per year on gas for a car. Using a car to commute to work doesn’t just amount to gas costs, but there are also costs for regular maintenance, repairs, tires, and other parts that need replacing. By switching to a bike, you will have some initial costs, plus some costs associated with gear and maintenance, but the costs of usage are much lower. So, the first year of bike commuting may not amount to many savings, but it will start to pay off year after year.

Get Amazing Health Benefits

Biking has amazing health benefits. It is great exercise, which helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity. This can help lower blood pressure and protect from heart disease. Biking also has excellent calorie burning effects which can help you manage your weight, protecting you from heart disease, diabetes, etc. It is also a great way to be in the sun. According to TMS Clinics of Canada, exposure to sunlight can allow your body to absorb more vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important vitamin to help with the immune system, healthy bones, and muscle and heart health.

Environmental Benefits  

Transportation is responsible for 30 percent of greenhouse gasses emitted in the United States. Switching out a car for a bike can result in energy savings that will help this. There are some energy costs associated with manufacturing and maintenance of a bike, however using a bike amounts to very little energy costs. Biking will help to reduce release of C02 that comes from other modes of transportation and will help to have cleaner air.  

If your commute length allows, there are so many benefits to a bike commute. Cost savings, health benefits, and benefits to the environment are just some of the few. Trying it out for just once a week may leave you wanting more because of how much it can benefit you.  

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