Why You Might Be Waking Up With Headaches

Waking up daily with headaches is more than physically painful. Habitual headaches can become emotionally demoralizing. You can’t think, and might not even want to eat. You’re frustrated and certainly can’t complete what you want to if you’re always feeling sleepy and in pain. Worse, waking with headaches daily can be symptomatic of bigger issues in your body and home. You’ve already tested for allergies and gone to bed on time. What are some reasons you might be waking up with headaches?

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea related headaches can be so severe that, according to CPAP Supplies, they often get confused with migraines! With sleep apnea, the back of your throat closes and your body momentarily quits breathing. This can cause many physical symptoms which get dangerous over time, but the temporary and frequent drops in oxygen levels is what could be causing those frequent headaches. If this is the case, your physician can get a pulmonary specialist to prepare a home health sleep study, and see whether further studies are necessary. There are solutions for sleep problems!


Another cause of headaches is snoring and, according to Quality Sleep, not getting enough sleep can contribute to snoring. Alcohol and medications can increase the likelihood of snoring, and some allergies contribute. If your tonsils or adenoids are enlarged, this can cause snoring to increase also. And, of course, “little” things like your sleep position, obesity, and even your mattress and pillow can also increase symptoms, which then contribute to a chronic headache. Like with sleep apnea, it’s important to go to a pulmonary sleep specialist to see what the causes of your snoring might be, especially if it has increased, and get relief from the headaches they inspire.

Particles Moving Through Vents

If you get headaches in the mornings during certain seasons of the year, and they often originate around the sinuses, it might be a good idea to figure out what has changed. If your heater is on more often, and moving air through your vents (which might have been unused during spring or fall), you might need to test your vents for mold spores. Dust can increase headaches as well. Most commonly, if there is a bloom of pollen-creating plants during whichever season you are facing and, according to Kaplan Sinus Relief, being exposed to that pollen overnight can cause headaches as well.

Your good rest keeps you alert during the day, which is critical not only for work, but for relationships, driving, and enjoying your life. Consider checking with a sleep specialist and doing a home study. Alleviating your pain should be a priority!

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