Why Everyone in a Risky Work Environment Needs PPE

It may have taken a lot of nagging from your parents to make you wear a helmet when you were a kid, but now hopefully every adult is sensible enough to want to keep your essential body parts intact. In case you need a friendly reminder, however, here are a few good reasons why you should be excited to don your personal protective equipment (PPE) when you get to work each day.

Protect Your Head

A bashed in head isn’t very attractive—or functional for that matter. The most important thing you can protect is that brilliant brain of yours. A hard hat is one of the most basic pieces of protective equipment, and they should be a requirement for even taking one step onto a construction site or other hazardous workplace. There are more ways to crush your head than hours in a workday. You never know when falling debris, moving equipment, or low beams will compete for the same space as your head. Also, you are not as nimble as you think. Tripping, falling, plummeting from high heights—those are all a real possibility in risky workplaces. 

Protect Your Eyes

Eye injuries are extremely serious. If you have ever been hit in the eye with a projectile or splashed with a dangerous chemical, you know how debilitating it is. Eye wash stations are an OSHA requirement for certain businesses. This includes any workplace where people can be exposed to corrosive materials. Another PPE that can protect your eyes is a good pair of safety glasses. The OSHA requires that employers identify possible hazards and make an informed decision as to what eye protection is needed. If there is a chance of particles, liquid chemicals, acids, caustic liquids, vapors, chemical gases, or light radiation damaging eyes, protective eyewear should be mandated.

Protect Your Hands

Hand injuries are among the most common in risky work zones. As small as they are, your hands are vital. It is critical that your hands are fully functioning to be able to work. Your hands are also exposed to all kinds of dangers, from cuts and punctures to chemical burns and severe abrasions. For that reason, it is also an OSHA requirement that employers ensure the proper use of hand protection when there is any risk of these hazards.  

Don’t let a hazardous work environment mar those pretty looks! And even more importantly, keep yourself safe. No one wants to end up at the hospital when they could have averted the danger with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

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