Why Cleaning is a Matter of Your Health

A clean living space is more than just a pretty, organized way of life—it is also an important precaution for healthy living! Some parts of your very own home are more filthy than you may realize, and constant exposure to those unhealthy areas puts you at risk for diseases, viruses, and allergens. Here are a few of the most important places to pay attention to the next time you clean up your space.

Prevent Harmful Mold Growth

Spots that are frequently exposed to water or retain moisture for prolonged periods of time are likely to grow harmful mold. Drains, under the sink, and around plumbing are dark, cool, and at risk of dampness that is the perfect breeding ground for mold. The same goes for appliances like your laundry machines, so make sure you wipe seals and cracks—this is where mold is most likely to accumulate. Even small spots like your toothbrush holder can develop nasty mold. All of these areas are spots you touch or utilize all the time. Mold can irritate your lungs, throat, eyes, and skin, so be aware of these areas and keep them clean.

Get Rid of Allergens

Allergens—or things that cause allergic reactions—like dust, mold, and pollen are prevalent issues in your air filtration and furniture. Lots of things like dirt, dead skin, and sweat can accumulate on your mattress. And that’s only one example of allergen-rich surfaces. The thought of these unhealthy particles just floating through the air or resting on whatever you rest on (like your bed and couches) is enough to make anyone cringe. Those particles can easily enter your lungs or irritate your skin and eyes. Get rid of these allergens by keeping your air clean and your stuff clean. Wash your sheets, bed covers, blankets, curtains, and rugs. Also, make sure your air filtration system is clear and functioning properly.

Kill Dangerous Bacteria

The kitchen sink is often one of the most unsanitary areas of any living space. You throw the remains of old food, ingredients, dirty liquids, and general “gunk” all into the same bowl, and often forget that the things that made those throw-aways gross accumulate all over the surface of the sink. Salmonella, e.coli, and other bacteria may grow and spread in that frequently used feature of your kitchen, and if you don’t clean it before preparing food you are exposing yourself to those dangerous germs that can make you seriously sick.

Keep yourself healthy and safe by simply keeping your space clean and sanitized. It is worth the comfort and peace of mind to spend some extra time and focus on making sure the area you live in is contributing to your health, not causing problems for it!

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