When is the Best Time to Exercise?

Exercise is an important activity for your health to include daily. The time of day you exercise can have specific benefits, as well as drawbacks. Ultimately, the best time to exercise is the time that works the best for you.

In the Morning

A morning workout can be a helpful tool in making sure you actually exercise. This will help because you won’t have any room to make excuses. A morning workout can help you have better mental clarity and wakefulness throughout the day. Additionally, your morning workout will set the stage for the rest of your day to be productive and for other healthy behaviors. It will help you be more active throughout the day and be more mindful of what you eat. Your exercise session will also help boost metabolism which will make a difference in the food you eat throughout the day. Morning exercise can also help you sleep better at night.

In the Evening

Evening workouts can be beneficial because you function better physically later in the day. Your power, strength and endurance are all at their highest. In the evening, your body temperature is also at its highest which can help you get warm for your workout quicker. Your evening exercise can help you relieve stress from your day and can also help you replace bad evening habits such as drinking or snacking. Exercising later in the day can help you sleep better at night.

In the Afternoon

An afternoon exercise session can be beneficial because you may be at the peak level of strength and endurance for the day. This is because your body has fuel from the meals you’ve eaten, which can help you exercise harder. Exercising in the afternoon can help you relieve stress from work because it helps to lower cortisol, relax your body, and leave you in a better mood. Additionally, your afternoon workout can help you make better choices in what you eat. Because you’ve relieved some stress you will be less likely to gravitate toward sweets for quick energy.

Rather than stressing on which time of day will be the best for exercise, focus on the time that works the best for your schedule. It is far more important that you get in a workout, rather than waiting for the perfect time. You will get the benefits of exercise no matter what time you choose.

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