What You Should Know About Commuting on a Bike

There are so many options to choose from when deciding how to commute to work. Faster options include a personal vehicle, carpooling, or public transportation. A slower, but still excellent, way to commute is via a bike. Biking does take more time than other modes of transportation, but if you live in a close enough proximity to your workplace, this is a great way to commute.

The Health Benefits

Biking is an awesome way to increase your health. As Bike Radar points out, it is amazing for your cardiovascular system, which means that it will help keep your heart and lungs healthy. Because desk jobs are so prevalent today, many health experts say that sitting is the new smoking. They have a point. Being sedentary causes losses in muscle mass, loss in cardiovascular fitness, and can cause musculoskeletal pain. Biking can help in reducing body fat, reducing the risk for heart disease, improving muscle tone, improving sleep, improving mental health, and increasing metabolism.

How to Stay Safe

According to McLachlan Law, as cars on the road get bigger, the risk of fatal bicycle accidents increases. Bikers are hard to see from larger cars and when you add in any changes in weather or lighting conditions, it can make it near impossible to see them. This is dangerous considering cars are heavy, made of metal and are traveling very fast. One way to help you stay safe is to ride in areas with less traffic. Side roads are a great option, and, in some cities, there are even paths created just for bikers and runners that provide a great route to commute. Another great way to stay safe is to make sure you have the proper equipment. Make sure your bike is functioning properly by checking the gears and breaks, and make sure you wear a properly fitted and quality helmet.

Reduced Cost

Driving a car costs money. It costs you money every time you get in to drive somewhere. The cost of fuel is very volatile, so it is hard to predict how much you are going to be spending. Not only can gas be pricey, but it is also unfriendly to the environment by how it pollutes the air. Commuting on a bike can help you to avoid many costs. While a bicycle does cost money initially, plus some repairs, it is lower than the cost of owning, operating, and maintaining a car. A single bike ride doesn’t cost much other than your time, while driving a car costs the fuel that you paid for each time.  So, while this option does take more time to get around, it is an excellent cost saver.

There are so many benefits to commuting on a bike. This is not feasible for everyone, as some people live too far from their workplace, which means they would spend too much time biking, and not enough time working. But, if your environment makes biking possible for you, it is a great way to begin and end a workday.   

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