What You Can Do to Prevent a Winter COVID Surge

Winter is a time when COVID is easier to spread because people tend to spend less time outside and more time indoors near other people. COVID and any other illnesses are very easy to spread in these conditions. You can do a few things to help prevent a winter COVID surge.

Get Your Booster

Prevention from getting severely sick COVID or is important in preventing a winter COVID surge. The COVID vaccines are helpful in prevention of getting severely sick from the virus. The CDC recommends people above age 18 get their booster six months after getting vaccinated originally. There are other ways for prevention. COVID is an airborne virus, so making sure to stay home when you’re sick and staying away from others when sick is very important. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and keep your hands clean.

Wear a Mask

The CDC continues to recommend wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask can help to slow spread of covid when they are used by most people when in public. Social distancing and disinfecting can also help. Masks shouldn’t be used instead of social distancing but should be used in conjunction to be the most effective. Masks work by trapping respiratory droplets, which carry the virus. Not all masks are very effective. Thin cloth masks will not prevent enough of the droplets. You should make sure that they have multiple layers.

Air Filtration

Air filtration is an important factor in preventing spread and surge of COVID. Because COVID particles travel through the air, proper air filtration can help to remove some of the particles. If you are planning on gathering indoors in your home, update your air filter to a MERV of 13 or 14 to filter out the particles. Many places have good air filtration systems, such as airplanes. Their HEPA filters remove much of the COVID particles from the air. You should still consider staying home when sick as being near others, even in a highly filtered space can still result in you spreading your sickness.

To help prevent a winter COVID surgery you can get your booster, wear a mask, and focus on air filtration. Take the proper steps to keep yourself healthy during the winter. Staying home when you are sick is the best way you can help prevent a COVID surge.

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