What to Expect When You Visit a Doctor During COVID-19

Just because there's a pandemic doesn't mean going to doctor appointments and making sure you are in good health takes a back seat. If anything, it's more important than ever. That said, healthcare providers have made some adjustments since the pandemic began. Here are some things you should expect.


Before you even get to the appointment, there are some changes you'll need to be aware of. It's normal for practices to have registration paperwork for patients to fill out prior to their appointment. Now, practices have begun asking patients to complete the registration paperwork online before they arrive at their appointment. To get you the paperwork, they may send a link to your email, or though a text to your phone. Additionally, you should monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. If you develop symptoms, let your provider know. They may have different procedures you'll need to follow for your visit.

The Waiting Room

Once you get into the facility, you can expect to see some changes there as well. You may be greeted by an employee who will take your temperature as you enter. There's a good chance you will see additional hand sanitizer and disposable masks stationed around the waiting room. You will likely be required to wear a mask for the duration of your appointment. Books and magazines might also be gone from the waiting room to prevent the spread of coronavirus. There are also likely to be barriers of some kind between the receptionists and the rest of the room.

The Visit

Your temperature will likely be taken again, though that's a small difference with no real impact. The biggest difference you're going to notice during the actual visit with the doctor is that everyone you meet with is probably going to be wearing a mask. Many practices are requiring that all their employees wear masks while they work now. If you need accommodations because of this, it's important that you communicate that with your provider beforehand.

Doctors and healthcare practices have made some adjustments to office visits since the start of the pandemic. Changes have been made to the process before your visit, in the waiting room, and with the visit itself. If you need more specifics on what to expect, contact your healthcare provider for more information.

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