What to Do When Your Filling Falls Out

When your filling falls out, you may not know what to do next. Dental situations like this require immediate action to avoid any further damage. If you ever have the experience of a filling falling out, follow these steps to rectify the situation.

Go to the Dentist

As soon as your filling falls out, you should try to get in touch with your dentist. Your tooth is a lot more vulnerable to damage without your filling in place, so it’s important to get an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Your filling covers the sensitive nerve center of your tooth to protect it from any bacteria or food residue. Without a filling in place, food and other bacteria can get into your tooth’s nerve center and cause infection. Usually, in situations like this, your dentist will do their best to get you in quickly to fix the issue, so it should only take a few days to get in. However, don’t postpone contacting your dentist. The issue could become increasingly damaging the longer it remains unfixed.

Consider a Better Option

Depending on the size of your filling, it may be good to consider getting a more permanent solution to the problem. For example, metal crowns last longer than other materials. Choosing one of these other options can help you have less issues with your filling in the future. Some cavities are large enough that a crown would be a good option. A crown is a cap placed on top of your tooth which acts as a barrier between the sensitive parts of your tooth from any food or bacteria. A crown is a more permanent and sturdy solution if your filling has fallen out. Discuss these options with your dentist and decide which option may be the best for you.

Be Careful With Your Tooth

Until you can make it into the dentist, it’s vital that you take extra care with your tooth. Because of its increased vulnerability, there are several steps you need to take to protect the integrity of your tooth. Firstly, keep your filling if you can. Depending on the filling, your dentist may be able to reuse the filling. Secondly, take extra care in cleaning and caring for your tooth to avoid causing any further damage before you can get into a dentist. Lastly, make sure to avoid chewing on that tooth.

When your filling falls out, it can cause a lot of damage if you don’t take care of it. It’s important to get into a dentist as soon as possible to rectify the problem. However, be sure to take care of your teeth yourself to avoid any further damage.

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