What it Takes to Get a Second Opinion

The healthier you are, the better your quality of life tends to be. When your health becomes threatened, it makes sense to seek medical care. Sometimes your doctor's findings may leave you wondering if the options you're presented with are really what's best for you. You may find yourself wanting to get a second opinion.

Ask for One

There are multiple reasons to get a second opinion. Starting the process of getting one is as simple as asking for it. It might feel a bit awkward to tell your doctor you want to hear what another doctor has to say. Maybe you're worried about offending or insulting them. However, if your doctor is professional and truly invested in your health and wellbeing, they won't be offended. They may even encourage you to seek out a second opinion. It's a good practice to get into, especially when it comes to costly procedures and surgeries.

Source: https://www.cancercenter.com/community/blog/2020/07/six-reasons-second-opinionhttps://www.cancercenter.com/community/blog/2020/07/six-reasons-second-opinion

Find Another Doctor

After you've told your doctor that you want a second opinion, you'll need to find another doctor to get it from. Your doctor may know a good physician, surgeon, or specialist they can refer you to for that opinion. Ideally, your second opinion should come from a healthcare provider who doesn't work with your current providers. You can also search for another doctor in online directories. Wellness.com is an online directory for doctors and medical specialists. Once you find a doctor you want to consult with, it's time to talk to your insurance company.

Source: https://www.podium.com/article/wellness-com-reviews-guide/https://www.podium.com/article/wellness-com-reviews-guide/

Talk to Your Insurance

Make sure you talk to your insurance about getting a second opinion before you go making your appointment to get one. Find out if it's covered by your insurance or not. As it turns out, your insurance may require a second opinion, depending on the care being recommended. That should help take away any awkwardness you feel about asking for one. It can be a lot easier to have that conversation with your doctor if you can use your insurance company as the reason for needing one.

Source: https://www.pacificprime.com/blog/second-opinions-insurance.htmlhttps://www.pacificprime.com/blog/second-opinions-insurance.html

Getting a second opinion can be a really good idea when you're not sure how to proceed with your medical care. To get a second opinion, you'll need to ask for one, find another doctor to get it from, and talk to your insurance. This will help you make sure you are well informed about how to best proceed with your personal health care.

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