Thinking Organic? Think Again.

Organic? Yes, please. Think about it. Natural foods, regulated to have no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and the like. It’s great! You can eat, be happy, and care about the environment, all in one. 

The one thing organic most definitely isn’t is a diet. If you’re looking to be healthy, and to manage your weight, organic won’t do much for you. 

Eating organic is healthy as hell, but keeping healthy can be easier and more affordable than buying certified organic foods. Your health mostly depends on eating foods that give you maximum energy per ounce of food eaten. This means less simple sugars, like white sugar, white flour, and fruit juices; and more proteins, whole wheat flour, and more fruits. If you commit to eating only healthy, it’ll eventually cost you less — you’ll start not needing to buy as much food, because less food will fill you up! 

COMING SOON: heart healthy workouts!

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