Restorative Work You May Need After an Injury

Getting injured is never any fun. When your health is compromised by an injury, you have to deal with pain, discomfort, and the cost and toll of medical care and recovery on your body. When you get injured, your body might not be able to heal itself without some help from a doctor. Many times, in the post injury stage your doctor will decide that surgery is necessary to restore yourself to full health. Deepening on the kind of injury, you might require different procedures. Here are three types of restorative work that you might need after an injury.

Jaw Repair

The first type of restorative work that you may need after an injury is jaw repair. When people get a face injury, especially one that causes any sort of fracturing in your jaw or face bones, you may need jaw repair work to heal from your injury. The jawbone needs to be in near perfect condition in order to function properly for speech, eating, and moving without pain and discomfort. Depending on the severity of your injury your restorative work may require a longer or shorter recovery period. Talk to your doctor about your particular situation.

Dental Implants

Another super common type of restorative work that you might need after an injury is dental implants. When you get a face injury, your teeth, which can be quite fragile, are susceptible to damage. You only get one set of teeth, and if they are damaged, broken, or fall out, there is no option but to replace them. A dental implant functions like a regular tooth to help you enjoy foods normally. They also look great and are pretty straightforward to care for, making them great for your confidence as well. Implants are so good nobody will be able to tell it is an implant.

Physical Therapy

The final type of restorative work that you may need after surgery is physical therapy. While not perhaps aesthetically restorative for your injury, physical therapy is a great way to get function back after an injury to restore your ability to move and perform. Physical therapy helps to train your body and regain strength to recover from injuries, surgeries, or other issues.

Getting injured is a pain and requires a lot of work to recover from. Many times, you will need to do restorative work to return to the health you had before your injury. Learn about these three types of restorative work so that you can prepare if you are injured.

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