Preventive Treatments You Need for Your Teeth

Preventive treatments are important for your teeth. These will help reduce your overall cost because any problems can be prevented or solved before they get worse. Preventive treatments you need for your teeth are teeth cleaning, filling cavities, and home care.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is an important part of preventive treatment. You should attend regular dental exams and cleanings to help ensure that your teeth are healthy, and your mouth is clean. This should be about every 6 months. During your cleanings, plaque and tartar will be removed by a dental hygienist. This plaque and tartar can be a place where harmful bacteria can grow which can cause your teeth to decay leading to cavities. Missing your dental cleanings can also contribute to gum disease. During these appointments, the dentist will also do a quick exam to make sure your mouth is healthy.

Filling Cavities

Filling cavities is typically restorative. A preventive filling more technically called “pit and fissure sealant” is for before a cavity has formed. The procedure is a cross between a sealant and a filling. Its purpose is to fill pits and grooves in your teeth that could be susceptible to cavities. Dental sealants can also be used in prevention of cavities. These are a thin coating applied to the surfaces of your teeth. Dental sealants help prevent food from entering cavities of your teeth.

Home Care

Home care is essential in preventive treatments for your teeth. You only visit a dentist every six months or so, so what happens in between those visits is crucial to ensuring healthy teeth. Your dentist is an essential educator in your home care. The dentist will walk through all the necessary steps you should be doing for your teeth while you are at home. They will be able to give you steps for what home care measures you should take to help you with good oral hygiene. This will include things such as how to brush and floss properly. Proper execution of this will be imperative to the health of your teeth.

Preventive treatments can seem pricey, but are going to save you money over time. These measures are designed to avoid larger and even more expensive problems down the road, and are often covered by insurance plans as well! Be sure to get to your dentist and do what you need at home to keep your teeth healthy.

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