Perks at Work Men Should Take Advantage of for Their Health

An unfortunate truth in health care is that men tend to have worse health outcomes than women. Men are more likely to get sick, less likely to see a doctor and more likely to die at a young age. The good news is that there are many things that men can do about this, including taking advantage of various work perks in order to keep themselves healthy. Here are three such examples.

Time Off

When it comes to time off, studies are clear: Taking time off is good for your health, and that's good for your ultimate business performance. Why is this the case? Taking time off can reset your brain, assist your productivity and give your body a vitally needed rest and reset. Unfortunately, in this day and age, far too many people simply assume that slamming their nose to the grindstone is the best way to do a good job and get ahead in life. Taking time off is important for maintaining good health and good work performance.

Retirement Accounts

Unsurprisingly, higher income levels are associated with better health. This is for many reasons, including perhaps the most obvious: People with high income can better afford good health care. Indeed, this simple truth is one of the many reasons why so many people worry about their future finances. Make sure to check out your financial options at work. Financial wellness seminars may be available through the company's 401(k) plan administrator, providing an affordable method for businesses to contribute to their employee's financial security.

Preventive Health Care

The vast majority of professional workplaces offer health insurance. In most cases, health insurance covers regular visits to the doctor for preventive care. There's been a lot of good news when it comes to health care in this area lately, as more and more insurers have correctly realized that the best thing they can do to drive down costs is to cover preventive health care access. Remember, this is more than just seeing the doctor in order to get your blood pressure checked. Dental screenings, eye care and blood work can all be useful gauges when working towards your long-term health.

The various perks and benefits of a place of employment can help you recharge, reinvigorate and become a better person. However, a good perk is about more than that. In this case, a good perk can help improve your health and maybe even save your life. Take advantage of what your workplace has to offer. Your mind and body will thank you!

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