Need a Home Gym? Try These 3 Places

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A home gym can change your life! By getting regular exercise in your comfort zone, you can stay fit and healthy. When you don't have too much space, it's important to plan where to install your home gym to keep  it out of the way but also easy to access. Here are three places in your house to place your exercise equipment and enjoy your workout sessions. 


A shed separated from your home provides a discreet spot for your home gym. Close to home but far from domestic distractions, a shed gym can be a personal haven for weight lifting, yoga, and more. You'll want to consider the measurements of your shed and what free space it has if you use the spot for storage. Consider rearranging old junk tossing, or donating anything you're not using to make room for workout equipment. Make your home gym safer by investing in mats for floor activities and checking electrical outlets to prevent any emergencies. 

Sheds can get hot in the summer, so make sure to work out either in the early morning or at night to avoid extreme temperatures. It’s also a good idea to invest in a big fan to help with cooling.


A one-car garage can be all the space you need for an at-home gym if you don't need the space to store your car. Attached garages allow you to simply open a door to get your daily workout in. The plus side is you can do almost any activity in your garage gym, including floor exercises, bodybuilding, weightlifting, cardio and spinning. However, you'll need to be careful not to damage your garage for in order to keep it safe and keep your property value up. You could even add value with a well-cared-for fitness space.

It's important to make sure your garage has proper ventilation so you can breathe properly during your workout. Make sure to check your wiring for your electronics and exercise equipment as well. 


Your basement is a spacious place for a home gym, whether it's carpeted or not. This convenient location can handle many types of activities with enough space for a few workout machines, a weightlifting station and a spot for warm-up stretches. A basement with separate rooms can even allow you to spread out your home gym as needed. 

The one downside to setting up a basement gym is that any equipment you want to install down there will need to be carried through your house and will need to fit through doorways. So larger equipment like treadmills and lifting machines will need to be set up in the room rather than brought in pre-assembled.

You'll want to consider ventilation, space and lighting when planning to renovate a space into a home gym. Safety should be your number one concern with any DIY project. Afterwards, you can reward yourself for creating your very own personal gym and being able to use it any time you're at home. Just don’t forget to do these 3 things after working out!

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