How You Might Be Able to Reverse Chronic Back Pain

Do you experience chronic back pain? A needling pain, a burning ache, a twinging nerve? While no remedies are 100% guaranteed to work, there are options of things you can do to potentially reverse this pain. Or, at the least, lessen the pain a consequential amount. Here a few of the most effective options you can try.

Back Surgery

One option for relieving chronic back pain is through back surgery. Though, again, it isn’t foolproof, back surgery can relieve pressure and pain being caused by various problems in your spine. Because surgery is invasive, however, it’s wise to consider the level of pain you’re in before committing to surgery. Many doctors recommend that you avoid back surgery when pain is mild to moderate. However, if the pain worsens, do some research to determine what type of back surgery could be the most beneficial to you. Additionally, talk to your doctor to see what they recommend.

Physical Therapy

Another great option for potentially reversing chronic back pain is physical therapy. Physical therapy involves a lot of stretching and muscle-building activities. By stretching and strengthening the muscles, you often release the tension that’s causing pain in your back. Though physical therapy is a great option, it can be costly. Thankfully, insurance typically covers much of the therapy’s cost. Insurance companies usually pay for care after your doctor has approved physical therapy. So, talk to your doctor about doing physical therapy and ask about your insurance about its coverage of therapy.


Lastly, yoga can be a fantastic reducer of back pain. Like physical therapy, yoga stretches and moves your muscles. It helps your muscles gain strength and better support your back. Many individuals who practice yoga report feeling a great deal of relief from their back pain. Furthermore, practicing yoga can be entirely free—especially if you follow free online videos—or it can be practiced at a low cost.

Chronic back pain is miserable. When the pain becomes unbearable, it even keeps you from accomplishing your simple, everyday tasks. You’ve probably wondered whether the pain can or will ever go away. The answer is that there are certainly some remedies worth trying. If you’re in pain, these simple steps may be the answer to some much needed back pain relief!

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