How to Stay Safe as States Begin Opening Back Up


After months in quarantine, it looks as if we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Governments are beginning to take steps towards relaxing restrictions and opening the economy back up. It’s very important that we don’t rush back to “normal” life. Doing so could quickly undo all the benefits of the last few months of isolation. Even with precautions, we will likely begin to see an increase in the virus spread as states continue to open back up. To make sure that you stay safe, and that COVID-19 doesn’t get out of hand, the following should be done.

What You Can Do

Continue to wash your hands frequently. This is one of the most important steps you can take. Continue disinfecting your home and belongings. Be cautious about social interactions, avoid getting in large groups. It can be tempting to go out and party, but keep in mind that this would be very risky behavior. As you do begin to act more and more with others, proceed with caution. Ask your friends about their behaviors. If they haven’t been acting responsibly, it may be better to wait before reuniting with them.

What Businesses Can Do

If you own a business or manage one, there are several things you can do to prevent further spread of COVID-19. First, keep your building clean. Second, don’t immediately bring all your workers back to the office when restrictions lift. Businesses should consider staggering work shifts of their employees to keep larger clusters of people from congregating. Consult with your employees before asking them to return. Some of your employees may have members of their household that are at high risk. Returning to the workplace could be very concerning to them. Third, increase ventilation in your buildings. By constantly having fresh air supplied to your rooms it will be difficult for the virus to linger in the air.

What Your Friends and Family Can Do

Your friends and family may or may not be as concerned about COVID-19 as you are. To prevent misunderstanding, communicate with your family and friends the standards you wish to keep. Let them know if you do not wish for them to drop by unannounced. If they are going to come by, let them know if they will be required to wear a mask. By being upfront with your friends and family, you’ll avoid having an awkward encounter.

It’s important to remember that the virus doesn’t care about your quarantine efforts. If proper precautions are not followed as states begin to open, we will have wasted our time in isolation. Only if we each do our part will COVID-19 be brought under control.

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