How to Stay Healthy While You Travel

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, should be an enjoyable change of pace. You should only come home with luggage (preferably yours) and great memories, not five to ten extra pounds. But all too often, travel is followed by health setbacks because we tend to sacrifice our fitness for our fun. Here are some easy ways to enjoy your next trip and feel great!

Book Hotels With a Gym

Just a few days lost can set you back weeks with both weight and cardio training. Don’t let travel cause you to lose the edge you have worked hard to create for yourself! Choose a hotel with a gym that fits your workout needs. Sometimes, when you book online with a hotel chain, descriptions can be inaccurate for your specific location. Call the hotel and confirm that they have the equipment you require.

Avoid Fast Food

Calories seem to increase exponentially with each bite you take at a fast-food restaurant, and yet you frequently leave still hungry. It is unclear how fast-food chains manage this mind-boggling phenomena! Avoid that particular rabbit hole and choose healthier, substantial cuisine. Besides, why eat the same questionable fare that you can get anywhere when you are traveling? Explore local picks and add a little pizzazz to your trip! Even old favorites tend to give you more bang for your buck when you eat locally. For example, local pizza is often healthier than the kind you get at fast food chains. And work to still get your five a day – fries don’t count!

Get Enough Zzzzzz’s

This one sounds like the party pooper of the bunch, but what your mom told you is true. You need sufficient sleep for your immune system to work properly. When you travel, it is tempting to toss caution to the wind and party all night. But doing so will throw off your circadian rhythm and mess you up for days or even weeks. Exhaustion is like a magnet for everything bad, from irritability and brain fog to accidents and illness. Sleep experts generally recommend that you try to keep to your usual sleep schedule when you travel, even if you change time zones. If that isn’t possible, grab a siesta back at the hotel if you can.

Don’t come home from your vacation needing a vacation! Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about your body. Take care of your health while you are gone, and you will come home refreshed and geared up to go.

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