How to Stay Healthy Even When You Have a Desk Job

Working a desk job can be hard on your health since it requires being sedentary for most of the day. However, there are ways you can still be healthy and keep your desk job. Here are a few things to try to boost your health.

Go to the Gym

When you don't spend your workday being physically active, you have to do it at another time. That's why you need to plan to go to the gym for a workout before or after work. Doing this will help counteract some of the negative effects of sitting all day. Cardio, weight lifting, or group classes can all get your heart rate up and keep your muscles toned. Making time for the gym is imperative if the rest of your day must be spent sitting down.

Change Things Up

A desk job usually includes sitting at a desk and possibly doing the same thing with your body repetitively. It's important to change things up so you are moving when possible and varying your motions. Instead of lounging in the break room, take a walk during your break. Skip the elevator and take the stairs to sneak in some movement. You should also look for ways to help muscles and tendons that are used often. They can be injured easily. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and other problems can occur if you don't vary your routine. Early reporting of muscular-skeletal injuries can prevent severe injuries down the road.

Request a Standing Desk

With new innovations, a desk job doesn't have to mean sitting all day. You can request a standing desk or one that can go from sitting to standing easily. This will help you spend at least part of your day on your feet. It also varies the position of your body to avoid stress injuries. Some workers go as far as to have a treadmill desk so they can walk while working. This proves too distracting for some office environments, but you can still ask a supervisor if it might work for your space. The positive impact on your mental and physical health would make it a worthwhile venture.

Staying in a stationary position for a full work day is hard. There are ways to stay healthy in a world where many jobs require inactivity. Plan ahead to make sure you take every opportunity you can to move.

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