How to Stay Cool as You Sleep During the Summer

Getting a good night’s sleep every single time you go to bed is critical for your well-being and operating at peak efficiency. But when the summer comes around and temperatures start climbing higher and higher, getting good quality sleep can become more difficult. If you struggle to get good sleep when you are hot, the summer can be a dreadful time indeed. But there are some things you can do to keep cool at night. Here are three effective ways that you can stay cool as you sleep during the summer.

Sleep With a Fan

The first way that you can stay cool as you sleep during the summer is to sleep with a fan. If you are lucky enough to have a ceiling fan in your bedroom you should consider starting there, as those can often cool a room by several degrees almost instantly. If your bedroom does not have a ceiling fan, you can purchase a stand-alone fan for your room. If you happen to be sensitive to noise when you sleep you should look for a fan that is relatively quiet, or that even has a sleep mode which keeps it even quieter.

Change Out Your Mattress

Another great solution to stay cool as you sleep during the summer months is to change out your mattress. Depending on the type of material your mattress is made of it may be trapping the heat with you in bed. Memory foam mattresses can cool you down so you can sleep easier in the heat. The breathable and light material of memory foam allows you to stay cool and keep air circulating to avoid heat pockets. If you tend to sleep hot, then a memory foam mattress may be the solution you have been waiting for.

Sleep In Loose Cotton Pajamas

The final tip that might help you to stay cool as you sleep during the summer is to sleep-in loose-fitting cotton pajamas during the summer. If you tend to wear tight fitting or warm fabrics to bed, then those may be the cause of your heat at night. Cotton is a very breathable material which allows for airflow, and the looseness of the fabric prevents heat buildup.

Sleeping during the summer can be a big pain if you struggle to sleep when you are hot. But staying cool at night has never been easier. Follow these three tips for a cool night sleep all summer long.

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