How to Smell Great on a First Date

Naturally, you want to create a positive impression on a first date, so you dress your best and make sure your hair is styled. But if your date doesn’t want to slow dance or snuggle next to you, it could be the way you smell. Don’t overlook ways to smell great on that important first date.

Take a Shower Beforehand

Even if you’ve already bathed earlier in the day, taking a shower right before your date will leave you smelling good and feeling confident. You’ll wash away any odors you might have picked up during the day, like food smells, tobacco, or dust. You also sweat more than you think.

Don’t neglect to wash your hair. Hair easily absorbs the odors of everyday life. Use a natural shampoo with a light scent. If you use styling gels or sprays, choose the unscented kind. Too many aromas in your hair (shampoo, conditioner, gel, etc.) can fight with one another.

Deal With Bad Breath

The trouble with bad breath is that other people may detect it before you do. You certainly don’t want your date to recoil the first time you utter, “Hello.” Brushing and mouthwash will clean your mouth, but you should do other things during the day to keep bad breath from developing.

The day of your first date, avoid foods that cause breath odors, such as garlic, onions, fish, or strong cheeses. Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated prevents dry mouth, which is a common culprit of bad breath. When brushing, include your tongue and gums.

Forget the Cologne

If you think dousing yourself in cologne is the best way to smell great for a date, think again. On a first date, you may not know your friend well. They may have allergies or preferences against certain smells. Moreover, scents provoke memories and emotions, and you don’t want your date to reject you because you smell like their ex. Rather, a clean and fresh smell will always be appreciated. The light scents of your soap, your clean clothes, and your clean body will be sufficient.

You’re going to be nervous enough on that first date. The last thing you need to worry about is whether you smell good. On the big day, leave yourself time for personal cleanliness and grooming, and don’t overdo artificial scents. You’ll feel great and smell even better.

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