How to Oil Your Head

Essential oils are amazing for your hair health. The thing is, it's important to know which oils are good, and what they'll do. So for the next few posts, we're going to be writing about a few common ones, a few less commons, and few you might have not heard of.

Argan oil is super common. Every shampoo company under the sun is sticking it in their product — and for good reason. Now, we're not sure if it helps to put a little bit in shampoo;, but no matter. Here's why argan oil is great for your hair health!

Argan oil is a great source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps your scalp and hair health. When it comes to hair, Vitamin E reduces frizziness, keeps hair silky and shining, and heals split ends. It's an excellent all natural hair conditioner, as well. It prevents scalp dryness, which helps reduce dandruff, and helps new hairs grow. 

Argan oil is super rad. 

See you next time, 

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